"Deal done" - Louis Rees-Zammit 'to sign for Super Bowl champions - Ruck

“Deal done” – Louis Rees-Zammit ‘to sign for Super Bowl champions

Louis Rees-Zammit is on the brink of sealing a deal with NFL champions Kansas City Chiefs this week, marking a bold leap from rugby union to American football.

Reportedly set to pocket $900,000 (£712,000), Rees-Zammit faces an uphill battle from here. His next challenge awaits at Kansas City’s summer camp, where head coach Andy Reid holds the reins to determine his fate in the final 53-man squad for the 2024 season.

Yet, Rees-Zammit’s prospects are brightened by his potential as a versatile offensive weapon in the NFL.

Blessed with both size and speed, he could thrive as either a running back or wide receiver, offering the Chiefs strategic options.

As a potential running back, Rees-Zammit’s towering stature would defy the norm, standing taller than the average player in that position.

Alternatively, his blend of size and agility positions him as a more traditional fit for the wide receiver role, showcasing his adaptability on the gridiron.

Rugby Unions biggest beasts:

Here, RUCK picks out the giants who look on course to make their mark during the next couple of months.

1. Andrew Porter – Ireland

Lions contender Porter is poised to make a sizeable impact for Ireland moving forward.

The 28-year-old Leinster loosehead, who has won 64 caps, is a huge carrier, massive in the scrum and is renowned for his freakish ability in the gym.

According to Jonny Waterson in The Irish Times: “Noted for his strength, Porter, if the figure doing the rounds is accurate, can squat 350kg (772lb) or, if you like, three Cian Healys. Quite an effective mass of cleaning-out power.”