Devoted fan doesn’t want to miss a kick – despite wifes labour pains

Rugby fan and Reddit user Mr. Shmee is not going to miss any of the action today despite his wife going into labour.

He is relying on wi-fi at the hospital as he tries to keep up to date with all of today’s action in the 2018 NatWest Six Nations.

Fellow users had some interesting comments for him.

WoeKC had an interesting idea: “You have to name the child after whatever player is holding the ball at the moment the baby is born.”

Secretly_A_Sloth added: “Murray could deliver the baby, pass it the length of the field where Earles would receive and run it across the try line.”

One of our favourites was: “Sneak off down the pub! Promise she won’t notice!”

Another funny comment was: “How f**king selfish… of her.”

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