"Disgraceful" - Dan Biggar comes under fire for behaviour on final Wales cap - Ruck

“Disgraceful” – Dan Biggar comes under fire for behaviour on final Wales cap

Wales fly-half Dan Biggar, ever the decisive figure in the rugby world, came under fire for his behavior during his final cap against Argentina in the World Cup quarter-final.

Jack D wrote: “The way Dan Biggar speaks to his own teammates and the referee is actually disgraceful. He gets away with so much.”

Another fan commented: “Genuine query here, Is Dan Biggar allowed to keep badgering the referees and constantly asking them for pénalités? It’s odd to see the referee putting up with it and not telling him to move away as he’s not captain.”

A third said: “Dan Biggar needs to pipe down. Can’t scream to the referee like that, not even the captain.”

Dan Biggar was a disgrace with his shouting and screaming at the referee,” commented a fourth.


Other fans paid tribute to undoubtedly a Wales legend.

Andy Goode commented: “Dan Biggar should go down as one of the greats of @WelshRugbyUnion! Legend of a player and a bloke!”

Another fan said: “Massive “thank you” to #DanBiggar for an amazing career representing Wales as he retires from international rugby. Wish it could have been at a semifinal or final match. Diolch, Dan!”

A third commented: “Wishing Dan Biggar all the best as he retires from the red jersey. I’m definitely going to miss his passion for the game as well as his incredible talent. Diolch! It’s been a pleasure to watch you play for Wales.”

Nigel Owens ranks who is worst to referee between Biggar, Farrell and Sexton

Arguably, the three worst players to deal with these days are Owen Farrell, Dan Biggar and Johnny Sexton.

Owens has had his say on all three, ranking them from worst to best.


#3. Owen Farrell (England)

Nigel Owens said: “I can only speak from my own experience of refereeing him and, when I did, he was an excellent captain to deal with.

“I have a huge amount of respect for him as a player and a person. He always knew where the line was with me.

“I would say to him that he could always come and talk to me as long as it was at the right time and in the right tone and he always did that.”