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“Dropped 12kg” – Chris Robshaw transformed his body for London marathon

Former England captain and flanker Chris Robshaw has dropped almost 12kg after returning from the sport last year.

Robshaw, who is now 36 years old, started playing for the national team in 2009 and amassed a total of 66 international caps.

He spent the majority of his career at Harlequins, where he played from 2005 to 2020, and concluded his playing days in the United States with the San Diego Legion.

IFollowing his exclusion from the 2011 World Cup team, Robshaw made a comeback to the England squad in 2012 as the captain for the Six Nations campaign, but injuries took a toll on him.

He’s slimmed down dramatically since retiring, dropping from 112kg to close to 100kg as he continues to train for the 2023 London marathon.

Robshaw completed the run in 3:51.48.

He said: “I am pretty nervous about running the marathon, but I’ve always wanted to take part and hopefully complete one.

“I am running for my and my wife’s charity, the Kerslake Robshaw Foundation. Through the charity, we aim to empower young lives through music and sport – something very close to our hearts. 

“It is completely different to rugby training. With rugby, we wanted a good cardiovascular base but it was still all about strength and anaerobic fitness – so short bursts of high intensity.

“I think I will need to lose a little more mass before I get to 23 April.”


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