England fans are furious about this dangerous clearout on Elliot Daly

England fans are furious that Wales escaped punishment for this horrific looking clearout on England back Elliot Daly.

When you consider all the safety measures put into protect rugby players, it’s baffling that torpedoing into the ruck like this isn’t more harsh punished if punished at all.

One fan wrote: ‘In at the side, off feet and potential contact with the head. The holy trinity.’

Another added: ‘This is standard clearouts in the game really. We can argue all day on whether they should be allowed but as it stands refs allow ‘torpedo’ing.’

An alternative opinion from this fan: ‘Not dangerous play (14 wraps even though it looks like the shoulder leads at first glance). But should have been a penalty against red for 14 +/- 13 arriving off feet’


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