England fans want game against France replayed after bulls*** referee decision - Ruck

England fans want game against France replayed after bulls*** referee decision

Former England international Ugo Monye has criticised referee Angus Gardner’s pivotal decision to penalise Ben Earl for a no-arms tackle, branding it as a “soft decision”.

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In a tense match against France, England held a precarious 31-30 lead with just two minutes remaining when Earl was deemed to have led with his shoulder in an attempt to halt Romain Taofifenua.

The resultant penalty provided French fly-half Thomas Ramos with the opportunity to clinch victory with a 47-meter kick, securing a narrow 33-31 win. However, the contentious call has sparked debate among fans across social media platforms.

Reacting to the decision, one fan remarked, “Tries to wrap his arm round the leg but gets bounced. Never a penalty.” While another expressed frustration, stating, “Let’s call it what it is. France should have lost 4 games but have been saved in 3. Poor officiating crews have saved them from a 1-4 record. We won’t call it out tho as let’s not be controversial.”

A third disillusioned viewer vented, “Another reason not to watch rugby. I give up with it. This and the semi final. For a half interested fan like me it’s bullsh** decisions like this that blow my mind.”

However, amidst the dissent, some fans supported the referee’s call. “It’s a penalty plain and simple, my gripe would be, that there is a dozen of these not given in every game, especially when defending the try line,” noted one supporter.

Another concurred, stating, “I agree with the ref and Kayser..Earl made a mistake when he was exhausted..it happens.”

Highlighting the divisive nature of rugby decisions, another fan opined, “Basically every other nation thinks it’s a definite penalty. As an England fan I can see both points of view. But that’s the annoying nature of rugby where so many last minute inconsistent subjective decisions can decide a game..”

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#1. Elliot Daly

Rugby Pass 5.5/10: “Back in the starting team after Immanuel Feyi-Waboso ruled himself with a self-diagnosed concussion, the fear was he wouldn’t bring the oomph that the rookie managed and sadly this was the case.”

RUCK 6/10: “Back in to the starting line-up as Manny Feyi-Waboso is out with a concussion. Claimed the high balls confidently, but swamped when trying to stretch his legs. Returned the favour with good kick chase and well timed tackles on the receivers. Vocal on the touchlines, as the assistant referee handed a line-out to France.”