England forward put on 31kg to go from average joe to international star, he's since lost it again - Ruck

England forward put on 31kg to go from average joe to international star, he’s since lost it again

Former England rugby star George Kruis, once a fresh-faced newcomer at the Saracens academy, defied expectations by bulking up significantly over the following seasons, eventually becoming a standout player for his country.

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Kruis’s transformation was remarkable, as evidenced by his weight gain from a mere 92kg upon arrival at Saracens to a formidable 123kg (19st 6Ibs) during his tenure with the Panasonic Wild Knights, his final club.

However, since retiring from professional rugby, Kruis has undergone a striking reversal in his physical stature, shedding much of the bulk he had amassed during his playing days.

This transformation coincided with a major lifestyle change for Kruis, who transitioned into the role of co-founder of a CBD and Wellness brand called fourfive.

During the 2023 World Cup, where he served as a Line-out technician for the England team, Kruis’s dramatic weight loss did not escape notice, prompting playful banter from his former teammates.

Richard Wigglesworth, in particular, couldn’t resist teasing Kruis about his changed appearance, noting that he now looked markedly different from his playing days.

“He has lost a lot of weight,” remarked Wigglesworth with a chuckle. “He got a bit of stick this morning for his weight and he actually compared his body to mine. He was 121kgs when he played. Not the best compliment for him.”

5 Ex-Rugby Players With SHOCKING Post-Retirement Body Transformations

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#1. Richie McCaw

Rugby fans cannot believe McCaw’s body transformation as the All Blacks legend showed off he has lost muscle mass since hanging up his boots.

Since retiring, the double World Cup-winner has become obsessed with ultra-hardcore marathons and has shifted a lot of that weight to give him a speed advantage.

The 41-year-old, who weighed 107 kg, is now closer to 87kg since dropping the weight.

For context, that’s a weight drop of over three stone.