England legend Mike Tindall doesn't hesitate when naming his toughest opponent - Ruck

England legend Mike Tindall doesn’t hesitate when naming his toughest opponent

England rugby legend Mike Tindall recently shared his top five most formidable opponents from his illustrious career during an interview with TalkSport.

Curious about his toughest challenges, he revealed his selections.

#5. Richie McCaw (New Zealand)

McCaw, the epitome of rugby excellence, led the All Blacks with unparalleled dedication and skill. His relentless work ethic, unmatched leadership, and ability to dominate the breakdown made him one of rugby’s greatest players.

Tindall said: “He has to be in there. The most capped player of all-time, a double world champion and just a great guy. A quality player, he changed the games for all 7s.”