England legend Mike Tindall weighs in on US gun debate

England legend Mike Tindall entered the US gun debate, asking why nothing has been done about it after the latest example of gun violence. 

So far this year there have been more than 270 mass shootings in the USA — that averages out to almost one a day.

On Sunday night in Las Vegas, the 273rd shooting eclipsed them all.

When the death toll hit 50, the Las Vegas boulevard attack — which saw a local man aim automatic weapons from his 32nd floor hotel window towards concertgoers at a country music festival — became the worst mass shooting the US has ever seen.

The death toll currently sits at 59 and at least 527 people have been injured. Both of those figures are expected to rise.

Though the White House has said it’s “not the time” to talk about America’s gun problem, it’s tricky at a time like this to ignore the laws.

Tweeting today, Tindall branded the lack of change as ridiculous.

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