England legend slams Liam Williams for 'faking injury' at Twickenham - Ruck

England legend slams Liam Williams for ‘faking injury’ at Twickenham

Former England international Andy Goode has called out Wales international Liam Williams for pretending to be injured in a bid to avoid a yellow card.

“I’ve got to question Liam Williams though,” said Goode, who was speaking on the The Rugby Pod, .

“As much as I’m with you Jim, about seeing how the Welsh dug in… backs against the wall… there’s a bit of footballer coming out in Liam Williams.

"Firstly, you know when he gets sin-binned, and he slaps the ball out of the hand, did you see him hold his face as if he'd been whacked and he was pretending it wasn't him and he was trying to make out he had an injury or something?

"You're like 'that's football' in terms of faking something, an injury or holding your face when you've not even been touched. And then the second thing when Josh Adams gets over for that try, and what a seed from Tomos Williams as well, right across the face, he's sshing the crowd, they're 17-0 down, he's sshing the crowd before Josh Adams has even got the ball down.

"I was just trying to work it out. You talk about the values of the game, you talk about how much the Welsh put into it, backs against the wall, then you've got Liam Williams behaving like that, it just didn't add up to me."


Stuart Hogg included on list of five worst divers in rugby

As per Scrum Recap, these are the games slyest of hounds.

#5. Stuart Hogg

What they said: "He often overdoes the theatricality to the extent that not even the officials will give him a second look.

"Look back to the South Africa vs Scotland game a couple years back when he flung himself into the 'Beast' just to be laughed off by players and fans around him."

Our verdict: Nobody will forget that infamous telling off he got from Nigel Owens against South Africa during the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

As the old saying goes, mud sticks., but it's not a reputation he deserves.


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