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England prop Ellis Genge addresses ‘headbutt’ on Twitter

8. Arrests

“If you wanna talk about it, we’ll talk about it. I was a baby then. I got arrested, a few of my mates got arrested. Three GBH and a few things I won’t ever open the doors on. I want to make it clear that I never got charged for any of that. They were just fights and scuffles that never should’ve happened. “

9. Muhammad Ali

Genge, who is currently on England duty in the Six Nations, shares a link with boxing legend Muhammad Ali via his grandmother. She was born in the United States near Ali’s parents and they shared the same surname – Grady. If you look closely, there is actually a resemblance!

10. This story from Nigel Owens

“One of the main talking points from last weekend was England prop Ellis Genge’s interview after the match, in which he had scored an important try,” Owens wrote in his weekly column for Wales Online.

“I know Ellis Genge pretty well as a player as I’ve reffed him many times. He always comes up after the game and he sent me a message after the France game saying “well done on a great game and a great career”. I have a lot of respect for him.