England prop Joe Marler says he's changed his ways and put his bad boy days behind him - Ruck

England prop Joe Marler says he’s changed his ways and put his bad boy days behind him

England prop Joe Marler was somewhat of a headline maker for all the wrong reasons last season but in an interview with the Mail has revealed his hell-raising days are behind him after seeking professional help.

“I’ve spent the entire off season reflecting on the year and what a roller-coaster it was,” revealed Marler, who was speaking for the first time since sitting out on England’s summer.

“I’ve been trying to establish the lesson that I can learn from it and right now I am in a brilliant place and enjoying training every day and being around the lads and enjoying what I am doing.

“I had lost that for quite some time and that was a huge part in why I made that decision not to tour.

“It dawned on me when we met up for that camp and I was driving home when I was like: “I don’t want to be here.” I just didn’t have it in me. It was tough. But not enjoyable tough.

‘Eddie did say “is there anything we could do before the tour to help?” but I said I needed to take serious time out from it all and that’s what I did. I wouldn’t want to be running around the field with someone who is there just to pick up a pay cheque.

‘The off season has been brilliant, getting a proper extended break. I’m in a good place, enjoying it all, loving it. Now it’s time to get on with it.’


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