England rugby stars successful 'side business' that has raked him in thousands - Ruck

England rugby stars successful ‘side business’ that has raked him in thousands

Life as a professional rugby player is filled with uncertainty, making it a delicate journey in many aspects.

While being a lucrative and rewarding career that presents extraordinary experiences, the reality remains that a single injury could abruptly end it all.

Hence, it becomes vital for these players to have a backup plan in place for their post-rugby lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the occupations pursued by England’s finest players beyond the rugby field…


The England and Exeter Chiefs winger is the co-owner of The Swordfish Inn back in his hometown of Cornwall. Sitting on the harbourfront, the pub has been a favourite of local fishermen, artists and visitors alike for as long as anyone cares to remember and is well-known for its rugged charm and atmosphere. He is also a director of MUSTARD Clothing.