England's Win Over Ireland Was Even More Important Than We Realised - Ruck

England’s Win Over Ireland Was Even More Important Than We Realised

England’s win over Ireland in their 2019 Six Nations opener was more important than it first seemed as it resulted in them once again becoming the holders of the Raeburn Shield.

What is the Raeburn Shield?

International Rugby is at it’s peak when all nations can compete for the same prize and would be improved by something to fill the 4 year interim between our beloved RWC

The Raeburn Shield is a Challenge Trophy to be put up by the current holder, or defender, in every match it plays home or away (in the same manner as a world boxing title). The winner would either remain or become the holder. 

It stretches back in this manner from the very first game of International Rugby Union in 1871 between Scotland and England played at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh (Hence the name).

Though at this stage the shield is not recognised by the IRB we believe it should be and every person you share this website with and every like on our facebook page contributes to showing how this great concept should become reality.

Scotland became the first holders and this mythical shield has changed hands many times since then.