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Essential travel tips for rugby matches 

You can’t beat a rugby trip for an exhilarating experience, and it extends well beyond the excitement on the pitch.

The singing in the stands, the communal spirit and banter between the fans, and soaking up the pre- and post-match atmosphere make every match a unique adventure. But whether you’re a match day veteran or someone new to the sport, if you’re travelling from out of town, or even another country, it’s crucial to plan ahead to make the most of the trip. Here are some essential travel tips for rugby matches, from what to take with you and luggage storage london solutions for attending games in the UK capital! 

What to pack for your rugby trip

Dress for the weather

Rugby games in the Northern Hemisphere are played in various weather conditions! Always check the weather forecast before you travel, and pack appropriately. Rain is a constant feature of British life, and getting drenched won’t make for the most enjoyable experience! If rain seems likely, a waterproof jacket is a must. In the depths of winter, it’s all about layers – thermal wear, gloves, scarf and a hat will keep you armoured against the cold. For those sunnier summer days, sunglasses, a hat and sun lotion will lessen the effects of the sun. Remember rugby stands can act like suntraps!


You’re going to get your steps in at a rugby game and you’ll be standing a lot too. While those flip-flops might seem a good idea on a hot day, being on your feet for hours will not do your feet any favours – no-one likes dealing with blisters and friction burns! Comfortable footwear is a must whatever the weather is doing! 


Photos are a must to capture memories of your day – so make sure your mobile phone’s fully charged and investing in a portable charger can be a great idea. Navigation apps on your phone can be a lifesaver if you’re not familiar with the areas around the stadium.

Ear protection

Rugby games are loud, and the more exciting the match, the louder it can get. And then there’s the singing! If you’re sensitive to noise or are bringing children along, then ear plugs can be a wise investment!

Getting your travel ducks in a row

The travel itinerary

Plan well in advance, especially if you’re coming from out of town. If an overnight stay is planned, think about staying at a hotel near the stadium. Check and familiarise yourself with local buses and train routes and buy tickets/day passes in advance if possible. It’ll save a lot of mucking around on the day, especially if it’s a big match with tens of thousands of fans in attendance, all queueing at ticket booths and machines. Scrums are best left on the rugby pitch!

Luggage storage

One of the challenges of attending a game from out of town is managing your luggage. No-one wants to lug bags around on the day. Not only is it liable to end in sore shoulders, backs and necks, but in the excitement of the experience, bags are easily briefly put down and then not picked up again. Chasing around bars, restaurants and transport services trying to locate lost property is a nightmare. And most stadiums have strict policies against large bags. And even small bags will be checked going into grounds, which is an entirely avoidable hassle. 

Quite simply, when you’re attending a rugby match it’s always best to let someone else take the strain when it comes to any sort of luggage. And if you’re attending a game in London Radical Storage are your go-to option. Their service is available at hundreds of locations across the capital, including all the major train stations. And if you’re taking in the sights and landmarks of the city, you’ll find a Radical Storage option nearby. If you need overnight storage then that’s no problem – many sites offer 24/7 luggage storage services. Simply book online or use the Radical Storage app. It couldn’t be easier!

Enjoy the day!

Aim to arrive near the stadium at least a couple of hours before kick-off. This will allow you time to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy a couple of drinks and join in the fun before you enter the stadium. 

Final thoughts

A live rugby match is an amazing adventure that will live long in the memory. With the right preparation, you can make the experience entirely stress-free. Planning for the weather, packing everything you need and using fantastic services like Radical Storage, you’ll be all set for an amazing trip.