Everyone wants the same law change after watching England vs France match - Ruck

Everyone wants the same law change after watching England vs France match

Social media users are overwhelmingly unified in their stance that the contentious caterpillar ruck manoeuvre in rugby should be banned for the betterment of the sport.

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Exhibited repeatedly by England and France during their match in Lyon yesterday, fans expressed their exasperation on Twitter.

One user expressed, “Rugby needs to act swiftly to eradicate the caterpillar ruck.”

Another remarked, “Detest the time-wasting caterpillar ruck. It’s simply frustrating.”

A third commenter stated, “I advocate for the prohibition of the caterpillar ruck.”

Yet another added, “The regulations of rugby are in dire need of revision #kicktennis #CaterpillarRuck. Tedious #SixNations.”

Voicing a similar sentiment, another user wrote, “Quickly executed plays followed by a prolonged caterpillar ruck and then a box kick. It’s thoroughly uninspiring.”

The general consensus on social media is that the caterpillar ruck tactic detracts from the excitement of the game and warrants intervention from rugby authorities.

“Bullied” – Four players who underperformed for England against France

Below we look at four players who failed to perform in Lyon with their futures now in doubt.

#1. Elliot Daly

Rugby Pass 5.5/10: “Back in the starting team after Immanuel Feyi-Waboso ruled himself with a self-diagnosed concussion, the fear was he wouldn’t bring the oomph that the rookie managed and sadly this was the case.”

RUCK 6/10: “Back in to the starting line-up as Manny Feyi-Waboso is out with a concussion. Claimed the high balls confidently, but swamped when trying to stretch his legs. Returned the favour with good kick chase and well timed tackles on the receivers. Vocal on the touchlines, as the assistant referee handed a line-out to France.”