"Exciting business" - Alun Wyn Jones has a very new career since quitting rugby over health condition - Ruck

“Exciting business” – Alun Wyn Jones has a very new career since quitting rugby over health condition

Former Wales and British & Irish Lions captain Alun Wyn Jones has disclosed a startling revelation – a diagnosis of a heart condition during the twilight of his illustrious rugby career.

The revelation came to light as Jones embarked on a short-term contract with French club Toulon in July, concluding in November. Having bid adieu to international rugby in May, the 38-year-old underwent a comprehensive medical examination upon joining Toulon, uncovering the condition.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Jones candidly shared the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation, characterized by irregular and accelerated heartbeats, likening his heart’s rhythm to that of a galloping horse with six legs. Despite this, he proceeded to play for Toulon for four months before undergoing corrective surgery post-retirement.

“I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation,” Jones told The Telegraph. “It was discovered when I underwent a full medical check, which included an ECG test when I joined Toulon in July.”

Discussing the decision to continue playing, Jones emphasised consultations with his wife Anwen, acknowledging the inherent risk. He underscored the necessity for enhanced player screenings within the sport, stressing the imperative of comprehensive welfare measures.

“There is a lot of talk about welfare in rugby at the minute, but does that cover everything? Is it just things that we can afford?” Jones questioned. “Surely, the sport has come to the point where players should be screened more often, especially at a time when the demands in the game are growing.”

Jones’s post-rugby journey has taken an unexpected turn into the drinks industry, where he has ventured into the creation of a unique beverage named Mimosa – a coffee-infused rum.

The brand pays homage to the indomitable spirit of Welsh pioneers who embarked on a transformative voyage to Patagonia in the 19th century.

5 England rugby players now making it big in business after smart investments

With the time in elite sport forever shortening, rugby players would be smart to look to the future and invest in businesses too, like these current and ex-pros

When they’re not smashing each other on the pitch, rugby players with one eye on the future could do worse than taking steps into the world of business.

If they’re lucky, professionals might enjoy careers lasting about 15 years in the sport – and taking up a job as a coach or media pundit after retirement isn’t for everyone.

No sector has been left unturned by players from across all levels of the game in their investments as they seek to set themselves up for life and regain focus after hanging up their boots.

Here’s some of the most prominent rugby players to have made waves in business.

Jack Nowell

The England and Exeter Chiefs winger is the co-owner of The Swordfish Inn back in his hometown of Cornwall.

Sitting on the harbourfront, the pub has been a favourite of local fishermen, artists and visitors alike for as long as anyone cares to remember and is well-known for its rugged charm and atmosphere.

He is also a director of MUSTARD Clothing.