Exeter Chiefs release official statement following reports of financial struggle - Ruck

Exeter Chiefs release official statement following reports of financial struggle

Exeter has rebuffed critics who doubted their prowess as a rugby powerhouse, issuing a resounding statement that declares their resilience and determination to reclaim glory in both the Gallagher Premiership and the Investec Champions Cup.

In a statement, Chairman and CEO Tony Rowe condemned naysayers who had written off the Chiefs, emphasizing their ability to challenge for top honors once again. He stated, “Barely 12 months on from being written off as a fading dynasty… Exeter now have 10 players thriving on the international stage.”

The narrative of Exeter’s revival began amidst speculation on how they would recover from the exodus of frontline talismans. Yet, instead of faltering, Exeter embraced change, ushering in a new era of talent. Rowe continued, “The cogs were in motion to build a new team of talented individuals… [ushering] in the exciting prospect of new recruits and home-grown talent.”

Under the astute leadership of Rob Baxter, Exeter’s recruitment efforts have been instrumental in assembling a competitive squad for the current season. Rowe highlighted, “Rob Baxter’s recruitment was integral… to building a competitive team for the 2023/24 season.”

As the season progresses, Exeter’s young squad continues to impress, maintaining their dominance at Sandy Park. Rowe concluded, “The season is not yet complete… there are still opportunities for other talented individuals in the squad to shine.”

Tony Rowe, a steadfast figure in Exeter’s journey, reminds the sporting world to think twice before underestimating the Chiefs. As they continue to defy expectations, Exeter stands poised to reclaim their status as champions of European rugby.



  • Fullback: Serge Blanco (France) – “A great France full back who dominated games.”
  • Winger: Joe Roff (Australia) – “You’d put David Campese up there but Roff is my choice. A fantastic all-round rugby player, and old-style wing.”
  • Winger: Jonah Lomu (New Zealand) – “Not much difficulty in choosing one of the most awesome wings to have ever played.”


  • Outside-centre: Philippe Sella (France) – “I used to watch him as a kid on TV and think he was brilliant; and then ten years later I played against him and he was still brilliant. He still looks as if he could play for France today. One of the best backs I’ve ever seen. If you hit him it was like running into concrete.”
  • Inside-centre: Danie Gerber (South Africa) – “Scored a hat-trick against England in the first half in one match in the 1980s. He didn’t play many Tests because of apartheid, but he had power and pace. I don’t know if he could pass: it seemed like he never needed to. I played against him in a charity match in 1996 when he must have been well into his 40s, he was still awesome.”