Fans Rank the 5 Biggest Wastes of Talent in England History

England rugby’s recent past is full of young bright lights expected to develop into star players but who never reached their potential.

RUCK asked rugby fans to pick the five players they were most hyped for when they were breaking through into the England set-up.

The poll has not finished yet so the results have been taken at the timing of writing.

5. Christian Wade

  • Caps: 1
  • Position: Winger

The 2013 British & Irish Lion quit Wasps in order to pursue a lucrative career in the NFL, having grown disillusioned with rugby union. The 29-year-old was one of the most recognised names in the domestic game, but his continued absence from the international set-up – having won just one England cap on the 2013 tour of Argentina – had left him frustrated and fed up of continuously being overlooked. What a waste.


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