"Farrell not an all-time great" - Sir Ian McGeechan - Ruck

“Farrell not an all-time great” – Sir Ian McGeechan

Writing in The Telegraph, Sir Ian McGeechan has selected his all-time England XV with Owen Farrell missing out.

“You would have to put Jonny ahead of Owen Farrell because, while they were similar players, I think Jonny really broke the mould,” wrote the legendary Lions coach.

“A bit like the Premier League vs the old First Division, there is a line there and people only seem to remember back to it. 

“In fact, the more pertinent date is probably 1995 and the advent of professionalism. Rugby before then was very different and it is difficult to compare players of that era to the ultra-fit, versatile athletes of today – although there were exceptionally talented players from before that time who would have thrived in any era.

“For some reason, Farrell divides opinion like no other player. Personally I’m a huge fan, as I’ve written many times, most recently in my column last Sunday.

“I think he embodies the competitiveness and professionalism which drives teams to great heights, although I accept that others have different views.

“Anyway, it got me thinking about an all-time England XV.”

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  • 15. Jason Robinson
  • 14. David Duckham
  • 11. Rory Underwood
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  • 13. Jeremy Guscott
  • 12. Will Greenwood
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