Favourites to win the 2024 Six Nations revealed, England are miles off - Ruck

Favourites to win the 2024 Six Nations revealed, England are miles off

In the upcoming Six Nations 2024, England finds themselves ranked as the third favorites, despite achieving the farthest progress in last year’s Rugby World Cup in France.

The responsibility of leading a reinvigorated England squad in the 2024 Six Nations falls on the shoulders of Jamie George, who was announced as the new captain by Steve Borthwick this week.

George takes over the captaincy from Owen Farrell, the record point scorer for England, who has opted to skip this year’s tournament to concentrate on club rugby.

Owen Farrell, a 32-year-old veteran with 112 international caps since his debut in 2012, served as captain for 48 matches, winning 31, drawing two, and losing 15.

On the other hand, Jamie George, with 85 caps since his debut in 2015, steps into the leadership role without prior experience leading the England team. However, he did captain the British & Irish Lions during the 2021 tour of South Africa.

Six Nations Odds 

TeamBest OddsWorst Odds

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Six Nations Grand Slam Odds 

There is a greater than 50% chance of no team winning a Grand Slam in the 2024 Six Nations.

TeamBest OddsWorst Odds
No Winner10/1110/11