FEUD | Eddie Jones hits out at Scottish fans in awkward interview

England boss Eddie Jones has criticised Scotland’s fans for a lack of respect.

This came after Owen Farrell was booed while kicking at goal and a member of England’s backroom staff, Neil Craig, was hit with a beer bottle on arriving at Murrayfield.

“We weren’t expecting beer bottles to be thrown at us so that is a pretty good trick,” Jones said. “You have to be pretty brave to throw a beer bottle.”

The Aussie also criticised the fans booing whenever Owen Farrell lined up for a kick.

“It is not good behaviour, is it?” Jones said. “Rugby did have a culture of being respectful and respect for the kicker — having silence when the kicker kicked.

“So, if we don’t want to have that, there is a new level of respect in Scotland we have got to put up with it. We have to acknowledge it and just get on with it.”

Farrell dismissed any suggestion the boos put him off his kicks. “I was just trying to get on with my job,” he said. “It shouldn’t affect me. I will stick to my process which hopefully I do more than not.”


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