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Five reasons why rugby is a fantastic sport for children

By Ellie Boatman
If you were lucky enough to have been born into a rugby mad family like me, you have probably been playing since you were a youngster.

I actually asked to start playing at 4 years old… my brother was getting all the attention and I just didn’t fancy watching him every Sunday morning on the pitch side… I’d pick up the ball and run around, I wanted to play! So one Sunday my Dad let me join in and I loved it.

I have some great memories of playing minis rugby, but for many registered adult players.. playing rugby as a child wasn’t an option. I have quite a few friends who took up rugby at an older age, especially university onwards. For most of them, their parents weren’t exactly keen on them playing when they were younger.

For this reason, I thought I’d write this blog on my five reasons why I believe rugby is a fantastic sport for children, and to break the stigma!

1) It keeps them fit and healthy in an enjoyable environment

With child obesity on the rise and more virtual online games than ever, keeping kids fit and active can be a challenge. Rugby is an awesome opportunity to get kids outside and having fun without realising they are actually exercising. Personally for me the thought of doing anything like cross country or long distance running made me want to hide during PE..i’d much rather chuck a ball around with my friends!

Cheeky smile at the end of the U10’s season at Camberley RFC