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“Five Years Missing” – Rugby Fan’s Wallet Found In Coventry Stadium

A Coventry Rugby fan has had his long-lost wallet returned to him, after it had been lost for five years. CJ Joiner lost his wallet at Coventry’s Butts Park Arena in October 2017, where it went undetected for over half a decade.

CJ Joiner
Image Credit: BBC Coventry and Warwickshire

Mr Joiner received an email from a teacher five years later, stating that his step-daughter had found his wallet. The wallet was found wedged between two seats at the Butts Park Arena, with fans for the next five years mistaking the stuck wallet for part of the stadium’s padding.

Mr Joiner said to BBC Coventry and Warwickshire that he remembered the match against Loughborough, where the wallet went missing.

“It was very windy, the posts were moving quite a bit, it was really difficult conditions.”

“One drop kick almost landed behind the kicker, the wind was so strong.” he added.

“I never thought it could have been in the stand because of the number of people you would have thought would have sat here.”

Nevertheless, Mr Joiner was re-united with his wallet, with the all important match day ticket from 2017 still inside.