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Foreign-Born Players at 2019 Rugby World Cup: Home Nations

The hot topic of foreign-born players returned yesterday when World Rugby vice president Agustin Pichot criticised Ireland’s selection.

RUCK takes an in-depth look at the foreign-born players in each of the home nations squad, where they were born and how they are eligible.


Ireland – Four players

Joe Schmidt has selected three less foreign-born players for this year’s tournament with none of the seven selected in 2015 making the cut, which included the liked of Jarryd Payne and Jamie Heaslip.

  1. Jean Kleyn – South Africa
  2. CJ Stander – South Africa
  3. Joey Carbery – New Zealand
  4. Bundee Aki – New Zealand


5 Responses

  1. Matt

    Have you hasa look at the southern Hemisphere teams, as a comparison and matter I. Interest.
    I think all would agree the eligibility rules need reviewing. For all countries! Let’s see how great New Zealand are without a free food on smaller islands.

  2. NZ Born Tonga 17, Samoa 15, Japan 5, Scotland 3, USA 2, Aussie 3,Italy 2, Wales 1, England 2, Ireland 2, France 1, 26 All Blacks and when I wrote my comment there were only 3 foreign Born players in the ABs as Luke went home concussed… So I guess now there are now 53 playing for others and 27 for the ABs so my point stands there are almost 3 squads of Kiwis at the RWC. Ann are a net contributor to both Tonga and Samoa at nearly 10 to one for each. Fiji have as many Foreign born players but none from NZ although NZ contribute the head coach. My point was and is New Zealand is the most raided country in world rugby not the biggest raider. And if this improves the game (not sure it does as local lads in Tong and Fiji should get a crack) then great. So my math stand @Bob 80 Kiwi born lads playing in the RWC (was correct to my point) and three was the right number at the time of my post. Glad you counted though…….

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