Former Bath star criticises coaches after departing the Rec this summer

Nick Auterac has claimed Bath Rugby’s coaches didn’t understand him during his time at the club and he couldn’t “shake off” what he believes were false perceptions of him.

One of the most introverted members of the squad said in an outspoken interview with The Rugby Paper: “Things turned to s##t towards the end at Bath and I just couldn’t recover from perceptions the coaches had of me.

“The problem started with my injuries. I tore a bicep the season before last and took quite a long time to come back, so there was a perception I wasn’t trying, was selfish and didn’t want to play.

“All words the coaches used, which made me lose a lot of respect for them,” he claimed.

“Another perception was that because I’m a bit of an introvert and didn’t talk a lot at meetings when I was injured, I didn’t care about that either.

“A lot of injured boys get involved in analysis meetings but that’s just not me. I’m one who’s happy to be told what to do.”


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