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“Four English clubs” – The seven professional rugby teams to fold in the last 18 months

  1. Toronto Arrows (Canada):

In Canada, the Toronto Arrows, a team with a promising future, faced challenges that led to their closure. As rugby gains popularity in North America, the loss of a Canadian team is concerning for the development of the sport in the country.

MLR and the Arrows organisation, together, explored all avenues in an effort to maintain the club’s presence in the League. Unfortunately, after exhausting all options, Toronto was left with no choice but to voluntarily withdraw from the league.

Impact on Aspiring Players:

The closure of these seven teams represents a loss of approximately 250 professional rugby positions. This reduction in opportunities for aspiring players is a setback for the global rugby talent pool. However, it’s worth noting that the recent expansion of MLR with three new teams demonstrates a commitment to rejuvenating the professional rugby landscape.

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