"Four English clubs" - The seven professional rugby teams to fold in the last 18 months - Ruck

“Four English clubs” – The seven professional rugby teams to fold in the last 18 months

In the dynamic world of professional sports, change is inevitable. However, the rugby community has recently witnessed a wave of unexpected and disheartening developments as seven professional rugby teams folded in the last 18 months.

This abrupt end to their journeys not only impacts the players, coaches, and fans but also raises questions about the sustainability and resilience of the sport in different regions.

The list also includes four clubs who played in the English leagues, including the Championship champions.

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  1. Worcester Warriors (England):

Worcester Warriors, a well-established English club, faced financial challenges that led to their unfortunate closure. Despite a rich history and passionate fan base, the club struggled to navigate the economic pressures that modern professional sports demand. The last 12 months has been a nightmare for the fans with a new ownership struggling to make any real progress to get the team back on the field.

  1. Wasps (England):

Wasps, another prominent English club, shocked the rugby world when they announced their closure. The reasons behind this decision may vary, ranging from financial struggles to internal management issues. The absence of such a historically significant club leaves a void in English rugby. They’ve announced the club could return for the 24/25 season, or if prudent and necessary, the 25/26 season.