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“Full Contact” – WATCH: Netflix Release Trailer for Six Nations Documentary

Netflix have released the first trailer for the upcoming Six Nations documentary entitled “Full Contact”. The series is set to premier on January 24th, and recounts the action from the 2023 Six Nations.

The ‘fly on the wall’ perspective brings rugby fans closer to the game than ever before, with eight episodes set to launch on the streaming service. The trailer has received a positive reception from the online rugby community, with anticipation building for the release in a fortnight’s time.

The trailer begins with Ireland prop Andrew Porter being asked “so, how tough do you have to be to play rugby?” The powerhouse Leinsterman responds by showing off his cauliflower ears, which have born worn down following years of scrummaging against the world’s toughest front rowers.

What then follows is a super-cut of high impact tackles and collisions, and the viewer can feel the intensity of the players clattering into one another. “It’s primal”, “bone on bone”, “it’s tough to keep in control”, Netflix are certainly using the physical attrition of rugby as a key selling point, as they bring fans behind the scenes in a style akin to the production of Formula One: Drive to Survive.

The series looks set to tackle the unseen areas of rugby, with focuses on injury recovery, mental health and how players and coaches balance their on-field careers with their personal lives. The 2023 Six Nations was certainly a memorable competition as Ireland claimed their first Grand Slam since 2018. Rugby fans can no re-live the tournament and access all areas, in this exciting documentary that is soon to hit our screens!