Gallery: When rugby players meet 'proper celebrities' - Ruck

Gallery: When rugby players meet ‘proper celebrities’

When two worlds collide, there can be only one outcome – photographs…

RUCK scoured the archives for snapshots of the more unusual meetings between rugby-folk and fully-fledged showbizzers (also, some people who were momentarily famous in the 90s and are now retrospectively hilarious).

1. Jonah Lomu & Robin Williams

By the end of their first meeting actor Robin Williams was perched like a smiling child on top of All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu’s broad shoulders.

It was the beginning of an unlikely friendship that lasted for life with Lomu penning an emotional tribute after the actor died in 2014.

Exclusive Photo Must Be Credited©Alpha Press 033733 01/11/1998 Robin Williams & Jonah Lomu Oscar-winning actor Robin Williams practises his fend with some help from rugby star Jonah Lomu. Williams, himself an All Black fan, was presented with an All Black jersey San Francisco, USA


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