Gareth Anscombe talks about the try that wasn't against England - Ruck

Gareth Anscombe talks about the try that wasn’t against England

Wales Gareth Anscombe felt he should have been awarded a Six Nations try but has insisted New Zealand video referee Glenn Newman’s controversial call was not to blame for Wales’ loss to England.

“I felt some pressure of the ball on the ground, I thought that I got it down but the decision didn’t go our way,” he told BBC Sport.


“That was disappointing because it potentially would have changed the momentum”.

But the Welsh fullback said the decision did not cost Wales victory.

“It was still early on in the game and we had a lot of chances to fix it.

“It would have been nice to have had my first Test try but it was not to be and ultimately we paid for a rough start.”

Anscombe said TMO decisions had to be accepted.

“The TMOs do not always get it right, which is frustrating but you can’t do much about that,” he said.

“We were confident once we saw the first replay and started jogging back, but whether there was a bit of a breakdown [between the match officials], there might have been.

“We trust the TMO, you’ve just got to back the individual to use the replays and communicate well with the touch judges and the ref, then hopefully they get the majority of them right.”