Gareth Thomas releases statement after overwhelming support following assault

France’s national rugby team will wear rainbow laces this weekend in support of Gareth Thomas following his assault.

The Rainbow Laces campaign began in 2013, when gay rights group Stonewall invited footballers in England and Scotland to wear them.

Former Wales captain Thomas, who played at French club Toulouse for three years, was the victim of a homophobic attack on Saturday in Cardiff.

He has released a statement today to thank everyone for their support.

Thomas, 44, who came out as gay in 2009, appeared bruised in a Twitter video, saying he was targeted because of his sexuality.

Officers dealt with a 16-year-old boy by way of restorative justice following a request by Thomas, who is from Bridgend, to “send a positive message”.

Rugby referee Nigel Owens has commended Thomas on “his braveness”.

Owens, who is also gay, said he made a similar choice in 2015 after being sent abuse on Twitter.

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