Gavin Henson has been voted the biggest waste of talent in rugby history - Ruck

Gavin Henson has been voted the biggest waste of talent in rugby history

Talent alone will not guarantee a fulfilled rugby playing career. Combining that talent with mental fortitude is imperative.

Many have lacked that trait and for all the talent they had, their careers never reached the astronomical heights of super stardom or even rugby immortality as some had envisioned.

Others had their promising careers cut short by unforeseeable circumstances.

Here are the 5 most wasted talents in world rugby history.

#5. Rupeni Caucaunibuca – Fiji

The Fijian wing possessed magical skills that allowed him to score incredible tries effortlessly, but he struggled to adapt to life outside his Pacific island paradise. Despite his imposing size, comparable to a prop, he was lightning-fast with a 100m time of 10.4 seconds and possessed the agility of a tightrope walker.

He could bulldoze his way through defenders, outrun them with incredible speed, or delicately tiptoe along the touchline.

Caucau’s exceptional talent earned him a spot in any all-time Super Rugby top ten tries compilation. During his heyday with the Auckland Blues, even renowned players such as Doug Howlett, Mils Muliaina, and Carlos Spencer played second fiddle to him.

However, Caucau was not without his flaws, sometimes displaying ill-discipline and disorganization. He did not prioritize training, lost his passport more than once, and frequently let down both his club and his country.