George Furbank plays audacious prank on Joe Marler - Ruck

George Furbank plays audacious prank on Joe Marler

England prop Joe Marler was using the urinals at the England squad’s training base in Portugal when he was interrupted by uncapped George Furbank.

“I did not think there was anyone about, because it was the middle of the day,” says Marler.

“There were two urinals and I was using the left one. I was just finishing when I felt a presence and then I heard a boo behind me.

“It scared the shit out of me. I turned around, thinking it would be one of the older guys who I knew and it was George Furbank staring at me, deadpan.

“I walked back to the villa thinking: ‘What just happened there?’ And then I thought it was good from him. It showed that in that moment he had a bit about him and I liked it. I told the story to the group because we were getting to know the new boys.

“People may say I was trying to take the piss, but I wasn’t: one of the young ones, trying to integrate himself, took the initiative.”


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