"Golden point" - World Rugby to introduce new law changes, including end of draws - Ruck

“Golden point” – World Rugby to introduce new law changes, including end of draws

Super Rugby Pacific has announced a bold move to shake up the game and excite fans with a trial aimed at eliminating the back-and-forth territorial kicking duels that have plagued matches.

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The upcoming 2024 season will see the removal of two clauses from Law 10, effectively requiring kickers to advance to put teammates onside. This strategic change aims to curb the practice of players lingering in offside positions, prompting a shift towards dynamic counterattacks rather than repetitive kicking exchanges.

These clauses, dating back to the roots of rugby in the 1870s, have recently been exploited by teams seeking an advantage in territorial battles.

However, Super Rugby Pacific’s decision to remove them reflects a commitment to evolving the game in response to feedback from fans, coaches, and players alike. Kevin Malloy, Chair of Super Rugby Pacific, emphasised that the change aligns with the desire to foster an engaging and exhilarating style of rugby that priorities attacking play.

Malloy highlighted the league’s track record of successful law innovations in recent years, which have contributed to a more fluid and dynamic spectacle on the field. With a focus on reducing downtime, improving scrum clearance, and enhancing match flow, Super Rugby Pacific aims to deliver a thrilling brand of rugby that captivates audiences.

In addition to the offside law trial, Super Rugby Pacific will continue to experiment with other innovations, including adjustments to scrum dynamics, a 20-minute red card rule, and enhancements to the role of the TMO (Television Match Official).

Golden point:

If a regular season match is tied at the end of normal time, the procedure will be: An up to 10 minute golden point period is played after a five minute break;
The first team to score (by a penalty, drop-goal, try, or penalty try) will be the winner; 

One minute before golden point begins, the match Referee will do a coin toss to choose which team kicks-off and on which side of the pitch they will play;
Teams and match officials must remain on the field during the break; 

Coaching staff are not permitted onto the playing enclosure (i.e., those coaching staff in coaches boxes are not permitted down pitch side);
Injury time is added to this period of play; 

The Laws governing Tactical Replacements, Temporary Replacements and Permanent Replacements apply for the entire duration of the match, inclusive of the Golden Point period (ie teams are not entitled to “reset” their replacements). 

If no points are scored in the Golden Point period then the match is declared a draw. 

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Super Rugby Pacific 2024 will continue to trial:

  • End of kick tennis law workround
  • Non-putting in scrum half offside line at scrum to the tunnel
  • 20 min red card
  • TMO YC upgrade window
  • Golden point for drawn matches

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Italy vs Scotland

Get ready for Scotland’s next showdown as they step onto the field for their fourth Six Nations match, facing off against an increasingly formidable Italian squad. With two victories and one loss under their belt from the initial three games, Gregor Townsend’s crew is primed for action.

The journey kicked off with a thrilling 27-26 triumph over Wales, setting the stage for a heart-stopping encounter. Despite a narrow 20-16 defeat on home turf against France, Scotland roared back triumphantly, stunning England with a 30-21 victory in the legendary Calcutta Cup clash at Murrayfield.

Mark your calendars for the Italy versus Scotland clash happening on Saturday, March 9, with the action kicking off at 2:15 PM GMT. The battleground? None other than the iconic Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

Don’t miss a moment of the action as ITV brings the match live to your screens. And keep an eye out for Angus Gardner from Australia, who will be officiating the showdown

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