"Guinness for flankers" - The most popular drink of every rugby union position - Ruck

“Guinness for flankers” – The most popular drink of every rugby union position

Confirmed: Flankers love Guinness, backs can’t handle their booze, and props adores wine.

“Rugby player drinks beer, shocker.”

Those were the famous words of Martin Johnson, but now it seems rugby players are branching out into other alcoholic beverages.

One thing’s for certain: the rugby world loves to get tipsy. However, what you put in that cup now varies greatly depending on what position you play.

Following a recent survey of rugby players across the country, we delve into the favourite drink of every rugby position.


The traditionalists. 57% of props still favour beer thankfully when it comes to their post-match drinks.

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HOOKER: Red Wine

The first shock. Guinness in second with 25% was edged out by a glass of the red stuff. Don’t blame them.


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