“He blocked me” – 4 rugby players Nigel Owens simply cannot stand - Ruck

“He blocked me” – 4 rugby players Nigel Owens simply cannot stand

Popular referee Nigel Owens has built his reputation on being one of the nicest guys in rugby who seems to get on with almost everyone.

However, that’s not the case with these three players with the famous whistleblower getting into high-profile spats with them down the years.

#1. Israel Folau

Owens, who came out as gay in 2007, spoke to the BBC about Israel Folau being sacked for his homophobic views, saying: “It is an important message from the Australian Rugby Union, who I think have dealt with it properly in the only way that they could.

“It is a clear message going out to people that there are consequences for expressing those beliefs, which are very, very hurtful and not acceptable in today’s society.

“Rugby is a sport inclusive for all, which means I can be a part of the sport. When you’re in that sport you must respect other people within that sport.’

He added: ‘I cannot choose my sexuality; I can choose what religion I follow, I can choose what kind of person I am — I’m a good person — what sport I play. There are many, many things I can choose in life but my sexuality is not one of them, that’s what I’d like them to understand”