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“He Melted Me” – Brian O’Driscoll Recalls the Biggest Hit He Ever Took In Brilliant Interview

Brian O’Driscoll has recalled the heaviest shot he’s ever taken on a rugby pitch, and winced at remembering the hit in a recent interview. The legendary fly half was laid out by former Wales centre Scott Williams, in a tackle so powerful it actually left the Scarlet’s man seriously injured.

Speaking with ITV Sport last weekend, ahead of Ireland’s win over Wales in the Six Nations, O’Driscoll discussed the collision with Williams. You can watch the interview, via the embedded Twitter link below.

“The biggest shot I ever took was here (Aviva Stadium, Dublin), and it was Scott Williams of Wales, and he melted me. He read the play, hit me in the sternum, and my whole backside was black and blue from the impact of hitting the ground such was the force.

“He broke his collarbone, and I would have broken multiple ribs if he hadn’t hit me square in the sternum. Very badly winded, but managed to carry on.”

When asked if he was able to get back up, the former Leinster halfback laughed and explained how it took some recovering before he was able to run through the next phase of play.

“Absolutely not straight back up, no! they were trying to get me off for a HIA, and I couldn’t actually get my words out to say that I was just winded, because I was so badly winded. So, I must have been down for 90 seconds until I came round and was able to tell them.

As he was holding his shoulder, I was like ‘see, that’s why I can’t breathe!’ My whole backside was black and blue. It was ridiculous, it was the biggest bruise I’ve ever had. It was a really badly orchestrated play and a really well read defensive piece. Came together, collided and yeah the repercussions were not beautiful.”