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Here’s Some Proof That Owen Farrell Is Actually The Nicest Human Being Ever

England captain Owen Farrell receives a lot of criticism and hate for his in the field actions, but off the pitch he really is a great guy.

Ahead of his 100th cap for England against the All Blacks this weekend, here are three times he proved it down the years.

1. His celebration and it’s meaning

The England fly-halves celebration involves linking both his index fingers together as he holds his hands out in front of him. And the reason for his celebration stems from his close relationship with one of his biggest fans – nine-year-old Jack Johnson.

Sports-mad Jack suffers from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, a debilitating muscle-wasting disorder that will leave him crippled and unable to walk. Having learned about Jack’s condition a few years ago, Farrell has been a big supporter of his in raising awareness of the charity Joining Jack.

2. When he made Nigel Owens cry

After what could be the Welshmans’ final Six Nations match back in February, Owen revealed: “After the game I even had a hug off Owen Farrell.

“That meant a lot to me and says everything about the values of our game and those who play it. The England squad could not have been more courteous towards me.

“In fact, I will let you into another little secret. Farrell, as captain, presented me with an England jersey which read simply: ‘France v England, Six Nations, Le Crunch, Nigel Owens 98th Test.

3. Going to bad for the opposition

When USA international John Quill was sent off for his horrific tackle on Farrell, the England fly-half insisted it was an accident and provided a statement saying so for the disciplinary hearing.


1. He started off in Rugby League

His education began in rugby league – he joined Wigan St Patricks at the age of eight.

2. School days

It’s well known that the Saracens star went to school with England teammate George Ford, however, it’s less well known that he went onto study Business at Hertfordshire University.

3. Celebration

Farrell celebrates every point he scores by linking his index fingers together to make a ‘JJ’ sign, the Joining Jack salute, Joining Jack being a charity dedicated to the needs of sufferers of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.[ Farrell is also a patron for Duchenne muscular dystrophy charity Duchenne UK.