"Huge development" - Saudi Arabia in talks to buy stake in FOUR Premiership clubs - Ruck

“Huge development” – Saudi Arabia in talks to buy stake in FOUR Premiership clubs

Saudi Arabian investors are currently in talks to inject millions of pounds into four prominent rugby clubs in England.

Telegraph Sport have reported that affiliates of the Saudi sovereign Public Investment Fund (PIF), which acquired an 80% share of Newcastle United in the Premier League in 2021, have engaged in discussions with the four clubs regarding substantial seven-figure investments.

Sources indicate that the investor group is interested in gaining control of stadium naming rights and intends to establish a rugby academy in Saudi Arabia as part of their potential stake in the four clubs.

This investment has the potential to collectively amount to £60 million for the involved clubs.

While senior executives in the Premiership are reportedly aware of these ongoing discussions, the league has refrained from commenting on specific matters concerning individual clubs, as conveyed to Telegraph Sport.

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