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“Huge money” – 2023 Rugby World Cup Prize Money Revealed

The exact amount for the prize money in the 2023 Rugby World Cup has yet to receive official confirmation from World Rugby.

Nevertheless, there is mounting anticipation, with indications that it might greatly exceed the £20 million prize pool of the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

In fact, certain reports are even suggesting the potential of the prize money reaching an astonishing £40 million, which would establish it as one of the most financially rewarding tournaments in the annals of rugby history.

Sporting Lad has provided a ranking of the prize money distribution for the tournament as follows.


Losing pool stage teams: £250,000

Even for participating teams that don’t progress to the knockout stages, there’s still compensation for their dedicated efforts. Each of the 20 teams taking part in the Rugby World Cup 2023 will be granted a participation fee of £250,000. This not only offers crucial financial support to these nations but also serves as an encouragement for the continued development and growth of rugby in their respective regions.