"I don't play a silly game" - George North's savage comeback to ex-footballer - Ruck

“I don’t play a silly game” – George North’s savage comeback to ex-footballer

George North delivered a savage put-down aimed at former England footballer Jamie Redknapp on the new series of A League Of Their Own.

The replay of North picking up Israel Folau prompted opposing quiz show team captain Redknapp to ask: “Is that the equivalent of nut-megging someone in football?”

North quipped back: “I don’t play a silly game, but in rugby, yeah, that’s pretty good.”



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#1. Birthplace & early life

North was born in 1992 in King’s Lynn. His father is English from Yorkshire and his Welsh mother is from Anglesey. The family moved to Anglesey when he was aged two and he is a fluent Welsh language speaker.