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“I was buzzing” – Joe Marler reveals what he said to Italian groundsman on lawnmower

Over the weekend, Joe Marler gained widespread attention for his interaction with an Italian groundsman.

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The England prop has since disclosed the precise details of the conversation that took place between them.

During a Reddit, Ask Me Anything, Marler revealed: “I was buzzing about his old school tractor and wanted to know some more – but unfortunately his English was bad and my Italian was worse!”

See below some of the other questions Marler answered as part of the Q&A.

The scrum seems to be a lottery to see who gets penalised. What’s your solution to clean up the scrum to make it easier for refs and the fans? Keep to the 30 second stop clock to form and finish the scrum – not seen it being enforced too much.

Toughest opponent scrummed against? loads to choose from – I’ve had my arse handed to me several times – top names include Jannie du plessis, carl Hayman, Nicolas Mas, tadgh furlong

Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Dan Coles. Or 1 Dan Cole sized Duck? A dan Cole sized duck is fucking scary!!!! the thought of 100 duck sized coleys makes me smile hard, so cute, I would keep them all as pets!

Hey Joe, if you could tell any player, past or present, to “Fuck off” who would it be and why? Julian white – my hero growing up – I would tell him to fuck off until he lost it and hit me with one of his famous right hooks! I would wear it as a badge of honour.

What is your 1RM on bench and squat respectively? 200 bench, 260 squat

Perfect sandwich? bread – butter – ham slice – cheese – ham slice – cheese – ham slice – butter – bread and squash the fuck out of it in a toast maker!

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Scratch-card Game:

“Games within games” – Joe Marler ranks rugby’s three biggest sh**houses

Whether he’s grabbing Alun Wyn Jones by the family jewels or redoing his shoelace, Joe Marler has established himself as the master of mind games down the years.

“I love games within games,” revealed Marler to The Times when discussing the Springboks tactics during the summer series against the Lions.

He added: “Very few have mastered this art. I like to think I’m one of them.”

When asked to name the three biggest shithouses he’d come across in his career in a recent Q&A, the results were unsurprising if we’re being honest.

#1. Dan Biggar

Marler became close friend with Biggar during the 2017 Lions tour, and famously gave the Welshman a b**lock naked cuddle following a World Cup warm-up game between England and Wales.

However, Biggar is the epitome of players you hate until they are on your team. The way the fly-half continues to moan to referees vociferously has seemingly only got worse throughout his career.

It got so bad that popular online personality and diehard Scotland fan Glove39 made a video called ‘birdman’ mocking the way in which he always raises his arms in frustration to officials. It’s no shock Marler namechecked him!