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Impact Of Rugby World Cup Timing On Betting Patterns

The 2023 Rugby World Cup is one of the biggest sports events of the year. The much-anticipated competition will draw audiences from far and wide, and the betting markets are also likely to receive a massive boost.

France, New Zealand, Ireland and reigning champions South Africa are among the tournament front-runners at rugby betting sites. Naturally, just as with any other major sporting event, the Rugby World Cup is going to have an impact on betting.

In this article, we look at some of the ways that the tournament could be a disruptor of regular betting patterns.

Boost of Betting Pools

The World Cup is the pinnacle of rugby where national pride is at stake. Enthusiasts will eagerly tune into the matches to see how their country performs on the biggest stage of all.  This is where emotional factors and national loyalties come into play, as well as the influence that media has. 

There will be extensive coverage of the Rugby World Cup by media outlets, along with a swathe of bookmaker promotions and commercials. Suddenly the sport and betting odds will be in people’s faces a lot more than it usually would be.

That is only going to lead to a surge in people who find an urge to bet. Tournaments like this tend to appeal to even the most casual of punters and the occasion may be enough to tempt someone who doesn’t regularly bet on rugby to have a flutter on their nation.

More Matches in a Short Period

But the increase in betting patterns goes beyond that as well. There are a total of 48 matches scheduled for the tournament over the space of roughly six weeks. That’s a big sudden burst of matches in a short period at the World Cup.

Instead of regular rounds of weekend action from Premiership Rugby betting, during the World Cup punters are going to have something to look at almost every day. The timing of the tournament also coincides with the start of the new Premiership Rugby season, which is going to create a competition for betting focus.

In Play

Because more people are going to be inclined to watch the matches at the Rugby World Cup, that is also going to lead to an increase in in-play rugby bets. Punters will be keen to track the live action with markets like Total Points, Next Score and Winning Margins during play.

Bookmakers are going to see a huge increase in traffic during the tournament, especially when some of the biggest nations go head-to-head, and the more enticing matches during the knockout stages come along.

Betting Markets

The accessibility of rugby betting markets is something that will make a difference as well. Whether on a mobile betting app or a computer, a massive range of markets is widely available.

While a lot of punters will probably stick mostly to the common markets, because there are so many alternative options like first try-scorer, points spread and winning margins, it could potentially pull more bets from punters as well.

Natural Disruptor

There are so many factors as to why regular betting patterns get disrupted when the World Cup comes around. It’s the same as with any major tournament, as the spread of information via news outlets and sources of betting tips all hone in on the action.

Throw in some great drama like unexpected outcomes in matches and the emotional factors that fans go through in terms of national pride during an event, public awareness is going to be immense.

It is important to still recognise that while this is a special occasion, it doesn’t mean letting pride and excitement overcome rational betting. Set your wagering limits and stick to them, and be prepared for the worst-case scenarios of losing bets.