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“Insane” – 17 years Ago Since Lewis Moody And Alesana Tuilagi’s Infamous Fight

Lewis Moody was sent off for fighting during England’s easy 40-3 win over Samoa at Twickenham in 2005 after engaging in a scrap with Leicester team-mate Alesana Tuilagi after the Samoan felled Mark Cueto with a horrible high tackle.

Moody was banned for nine weeks and Tuilagi for two; Moody’s punishment was more severe as he had already served a six-week ban earlier in the season for punching in a second-team match.

“Unfortunately, Lewis’ enthusiasm got him a red card and he will have to deal with that,” shrugged England captain Martin Corry.

“Good for moody. For someone to perform a dangerous tackle, and then punch on the person he’s just done it to is asking for trouble,” wrote one fan.

Another added: “This is as prehistoric as it gets! it’s awesome! but that spear while the guy was in the air having him land right on his head is so vicious and malicious,it’s a miracle he didn’t break his neck….”

“Stuart Barnes’ commentary is woeful. For an ex player he has the insight of a lettuce.”


Top 5 On-Field Fights of the Premiership Era

So here’s a roundup of the best on-pitch fights of the Premiership era. Enjoy.

#5. Marler vs Haskell

 James Haskell completely lost his cool with Lions team-mate Joe Marler… after being splashed with water. In a feisty affair against Harlequins, tempers boiled over when Marler grabbed the back of Haskell’s headgear.