Insane Compilation Titled '5 Minutes Of Maro Itoje Being A Sh**house' Has Gone Viral - Ruck

Insane Compilation Titled ‘5 Minutes Of Maro Itoje Being A Sh**house’ Has Gone Viral

An insane video dedicated to Maro Itoje’s underhanded tactics has gone viral on Youtube with over half a million views.

One fan wrote: “He’s quality, and I saw this as a Welsh fan. He pushes the line always and gets under the skin of the opposition. Love seeing his battles with Etzebeth….give it some Maro!”

“The strangest thing is that he’s like the nicest guy ever which makes it even more funny when he does this on the field,” commented a second.

A third said: “One of the best players in the world and one of the few you can build a pack around. Love the niggle because if the opposition is bothered by him they’re not focusing on the job.”



#3. Charles Piutau

 Itoje said:For me it’s always those quick guys you can’t quite get a hold of that give me the most trouble for sure. I’m not sure if I’ve played him this year but Piutau is a real handful.”