International rugby star 'tricked partners out of thousands' - Ruck

International rugby star ‘tricked partners out of thousands’

An international rugby player has been accused of tricking ex-partners out of thousands of pounds to fuel a gambling addiction.

Two women told BBC Wales they loaned former All Black Regan King “thousands” after he pleaded for help with cash flow problems but failed to pay them back.

“It was an immediate family member [of Mr King’s] that rang me with information about the money – that he had a gambling addiction, and the amount of money he owed people, particularly in New Zealand,” Ms Stalteri said.

“I just knew you wouldn’t get a call like that from an immediate family member without it being somewhat true.”

Ms Stalteri said she had spoken with five other women who claimed to have had similar experiences while in a relationship with Mr King.

“Emotionally I ended up in hospital after I found out about all of this,” she added.

“I got extremely sick from stress, knowing what type of man I was in a relationship with and the amount of lies and deceit I had experienced.”