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Ireland team to play France: 2024 Guinness Six Nations

3. Changes to TMO: Precision in Addressing Serious Play

The Television Match Official (TMO), responsible for scrutinizing match action from a distance, is also undergoing a shift in its role.

In the 2024 Six Nations, TMOs can now only interrupt play to investigate instances of serious or dangerous play that may have escaped the attention of the on-field referee.

This modification ensures that TMO interventions are reserved for situations of significant impact, maintaining the fluidity of the game.

As the 2024 Six Nations approaches, these changes promise to enhance the overall viewing experience, blending tradition with innovation for a captivating display of rugby prowess.

Quiz: Can you all of the Guinness Six Nations winning captains?

Our latest quiz invites you to identify those who have captained their nations to Guinness Six Nations glory. It’s worth noting that in certain instances, there may be multiple captains from the same year due to factors such as injuries and rotation.

Surnames only will be accepted.