James Haskell's ex-wife has revealed 'real reason' behind marriage split - Ruck

James Haskell’s ex-wife has revealed ‘real reason’ behind marriage split

Chloe Madeley has opened up about the true reason behind her separation from husband James Haskell.

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Chloe, a personal trainer and the daughter of famous television duo ‘Richard & Judy’, discussed her breakup with the former rugby star on Friday’s episode of Loose Women. She shared insights into their co-parenting arrangement for their young daughter Bodhi following their split at the end of last year.

Chloe revealed that James’s frequent absences due to his DJing commitments, which left her to care for their one-year-old daughter alone, played a significant role in their decision to part ways.

She told Loose Women: “One of the things that was quite hard over the summer was how often he is away DJing, like five nights a week.

“But actually how ironic that now it just completely works in my favour because I’ve got my space, he’s got his space he’ll come back a few nights a week and see Bodhi. He’ll be hands-on dad and I’ll sleep and then two days later off he goes – perfect.”

She added: “You have pillars and posts that keep the relationship up, whether that’s respect or affection or trust, and all of our pillars – over time, it didn’t just happen – they kind of disintegrated. I think when that happens, there is no rebuilding.”

Chloe added: “Since we parted ways, our relationship has become very respectful. We love each other as friends, but we lost the ability for it to be more.

“I think automatically, when you tell somebody your marriage has ended or has stopped working, everyone always thinks that it’s a negative thing and for me it’s a really positive thing.

“The really hard part of everything that James and I went through was actually in the summer and that was the thing I really struggled with.

“We were filming and obviously I have a full-time job and it was really tough, it kind of broke me a bit. But once we made the decision, we drew a line under it and it was done. I’ve felt since that moment, I think both of us have, really free and happy.”

In a new interview with OK! magazine, she explained: “I’ve actually never had depression before and obviously it was very circumstantial.

“So I didn’t realise when people say, ‘I can’t’ do something, you really just can’t. Friends would say, ‘Come over and have dinner,’ but I couldn’t. I couldn’t even reply to emails.

“I really went through the wringer. Other than taking care of Bodhi, I wasn’t really doing any real self-care. But when I started coming to terms with the decision, because I knew I was never going to change my mind, I eventually started to get excited about what my life would look like.”

Nigel Owens and Wayne Barnes have ranked the worst rugby player to referee

Nigel Owens and Wayne Barnes have been revealing the toughest players they’ve had to referee during their career as high-profile match officials.

Two of the best referee’s to ever pick up an ACME Whistle, it’s interesting to see who give them the hardest time on the rugby pitch.

DID YOU KNOW? Nigel Owens started refereeing in 1987, after his sports teacher John Beynon suggested he take up refereeing after a poor performance in a school game.

#1. Richie McCaw

BARNES SAID: “Richie always had the knack of asking the right question at the right time, sometimes it felt like I was losing a little bit of control. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t talk a lot on the field. He knew the law book inside out and so when he asked a question, he often had a point.”

OWENS SAID: “If anybody had to pick the greatest player in history, it would surely be a difficult choice between him and Gareth Edwards.”