Jim Hamilton Reveals The Gruesome Way Scotland Prepared For The 2015 Rugby World Cup

In an ever-changing sporting landscape where methods of preparation and coaching are more advanced than ever before, there are still those coaches or managers who prefer old-school methods

However, Scotland chief Vern Cotter may have taken his old school methods a step too far when preparing his side for the Rugby World Cup, as told by Jim Hamilton

“There’s cages, with rabbits in. Literally bunny rabbits.  These army guys come in, and we’re all sat round.  Vern says-and he’s sat there, in full outdoor hunter gear, big jumper, walking boots, he’s got a knife-he’s like, ‘Right lads, we’ve got four rabbits. We’re cooking this for dinner. Who doesn’t want to kill the rabbits?

“So Richie Gray puts his hand up, Ross Ford, Stuart Hogg and someone else. ‘Right, you four are killing the rabbits.’ So this army guy pulls this bunny rabbit-it’s not even a wild rabbit-(and says), ‘This is how you need to kill it!

“He’s swinging this rabbit around with one hand…next thing he slams it on the floor. The thing’s eyes popped out of its head. He cuts its throat and he’s like, ‘Right, that’s it. You kill it.

“So the boys had to go and kill them. Richie Gray is spinning this thing around…’Vern, I can’t slam it!’ Vern Cotter shouts, ‘Fucking kill it!

“Needless to say, the rabbits were a bit tough.”


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